Do You See Me Now?

As we launch our new NimiNimi website on the week leading up to international women’s day on March 8th, it is with great pride, and some sorrow, that we also launch our newest heartfelt member of the NimiNimi Classic Collection. 

“Do you See Me?” speaks to all the murdered and missing women in the world; women who have been victims of gender-based violence. The red dress represents the Canadian aboriginal women who disappeared on the Highway of Tears. Every continent is represented in this piece. There are also women depicted in Victorian and tribal wear to signify the age-old, widespread issue we are facing around the world. 

The vivid colours are meant to bring hope. But what is most important are the faces that are missing, because we only see their faces when they’re gone. Let us raise awareness, celebrate them all, bring them into the light, and then shed light on a global issue that needs to be addressed and overcome

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