« I am my brand’s voice as I put my heart and soul at the service of my convictions.


An engaged, passionate raconteur, Nimi weaves stories of struggle in the world through the designs and motifs of her silk creations that touch people’s hearts and raise their consciousness.

She promotes universal causes such as mental health, refugee displacement, gender-based violence, environmental and animal protection.

The NimiNimi brand embodies a blend and balance of conviction and aesthetic so that each scarf can be worn with awareness and pride.


To rouse the collective consciousness of universal issues through elegant, aesthetic design, while conveying messages of hope, promise and pride.


To create meaningful narratives of hope, promise, and pride with timeless elegance as a luxury brand on the world stage of responsible fashion.

“The world is my inspiration. The scarves I design are meant to display and tell the stories of our world in a beautiful fashion. Every NimiNimi scarf carries meaning and beauty as it’s carried upon the shoulders of the people who wear them.”

Nimi Nanji Simard; Designer and Founder of NimiNimi.


We are committed to raising awareness of global issues affecting human, animal, and plant life with compassion, integrity, and creativity, by combining uncompromising quality of artisan craft with natural and ethically sourced materials. Although these issues often seem dark and hopeless, the beauty of Niminimi designs transforms despair into hope and possibility.


We create authentic designs that are awareness-driven. We use our beliefs as source of inspiration to engage the senses and sensibilities and take a bold yet beautiful stance on global issues and humanitarian causes. Niminimi scarves promise to offer a unique platform for change. As “spokes pieces”, each scarf speaks on behalf of a cause that is conveyed by the people who wear them.


We are proud and privileged to give back to the causes addressed in our scarf designs. Each design gives a voice through art to issues affecting all communities. Our generosity of entrepreneurial spirit is philanthropic, and altruism is embedded in our process.



Nimi was born in Uganda, a British colony in East Africa, and grew up in a diverse community rich in social and political culture. Growing up in a colourful African culture next to the majestic Nile surrounded by mountain ranges, wildlife, tribal artifacts, and exotic fabrics, Nimi was inspired to quietly draw what she saw in her life.

Due to political unrest in Uganda at age 16 her family immigrated to Montreal.



She returned to Africa, Kenya this time, with her hotelier husband and launched a collection of bespoke jewelry inspired by the vivid colours and patterns around her. She worked simultaneously as a consultant for a luxury hotel chain with boutique resorts in Narobi, Mount Kenya, and the Masai Mara. This job took her through the souks of Ethiopia, Rwanda, India and Zanzibar where she searched out exotic items adored by European and North American visitors.

Her fascination with designing and creating scarves began in her early 20s. Thanks to encouragement from family and friends, she launched NimiNimi; her own brand of silk scarves.



NimiNimi is nominated in the Fashion Impact category of the Canadian Arts & Fashion Awards (CAFA)

NimiNimi is nominated in the Rising Star category by WBE Canada.



NimiNimi is nominated by Women of Influence.